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Criar Conta | 8.60


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Necessita ter 100 GB para ter Supremidade!

Exp cai em 50% ao obter supremidade.



Now having the supreme vocation, you can switch your character to supreme force, starting from level 350, you can become:

Supreme Titan Blader
Supreme High Saintess
Supreme Hell Wizard
Supreme Force Archer

With this, when becoming supreme, you will return to level 8, keeping the same skills and ml.

HP and mana are reset to the base of level 8, the benefits are:

You will gain +4 hp and +1 mana, and the regen of the previous vocation with supreme vocation, however, with the advantage of starting at level 8 having 142 more levels of advantage, compared to the previous one that starts counting from level 150+, +25% more damage in the supreme magics, +10% of fast attack.

To become supreme, you must talk with NPC The Supremacy, who is located at the end of the supreme quest, and also have 350+.

With this, several new possibilities are unlocked, such as new quests for supreme players, new auras for supreme characters, new items.

Additionally, Supreme Titan Bladers can use strong mana potions, healing spells such as Exana Mort, Exura Vita, and Xura San, with a 2% increase in healing effectiveness.

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